10 Fashion Facts About Us

Welcome to the blog! A space for you to get to know us better, pick up some style tips and check out our favourite trends. For our first post we thought we share 10 fashion facts about us ….


10 Fashion Facts: Emma

1. The older I get the more style confident I get – I’ve come to realize the only person I need to like my outfit is me!

2.  As a child of the 80’s my wardrobe consisted of mainly matching outfits with my 2 older sisters – identical ET jumpers anyone?

3.   My biggest style fail was getting a maxi skirt caught in the escalators to Tottenham Court Road underground. I had to decide between pressing the emergency stop button or ripping the skirt – I chose to rip the skirt and the split went all the way up to the waistband meaning everyone could see my pants – oh the shame!


4.    I am obsessed with shoes, my collection is currently around 200 pairs. However I am not a shoe snob I have Primark and Prada sitting along side each other.


5.    I cant cope seeing stickers left on the soles of shoes or labels hanging out of peoples clothes. I quite regularly tell people on the tube if their label is hanging out!

6.    My favourite way to shop is online with a cuppa in one hand and a substantial amount of chocolate nearby.


7.    One of my most memorable style moments was walking up the red carpet at an awards ceremony wearing a dress that I bought of £19 in the sales!

8.    I believe that confidence has more to do with style than the actual clothes you wear.

9.    The day after the Oscars is my most anticipated fashion day of the year – glamorous gowns are my style weakness, I love seeing all the red carpet pictures the following day.


10. I was 8 months pregnant when I got married, I wore a bargain maternity wedding dress I bought on eBay, a huge faux fur coat affectionately known as Ginger and bright red Louboutins!


10 Fashion Facts: Patricia

1. 90% of my wardrobe has come from shopping in the sale, charity shops & sample sales & I always check the price before trying on.

2.  Shoes & Handbags are my weakness but I always invest well in these items

3.  I once went out in odd shoes & styled it out with, ‘ I’m making a fashion statement’.


4.  At only 5ft 3in I tend to always wear a heel, I’ve clearly trained myself so well that I often keep tripping myself up in trainers or flats.


5.  I recently went to a wedding & wore the same dress as the bridesmaids; consequently the photographer kept trying to get me in all the photos.

6.  When deciding what outfit I’m going to wear for the day I always start with the shoes and work my way up.

7.  One of my favourite items in my wardrobe is a shirt that I paid £1 from a charity shop, someone recently asked if it was Gucci!

8.  The first time I went shopping in New York in the late 90’s, I was so overwhelmed I shopped for over 10 hours (pre mobile phone/social media) my aunty sent out a search party out for me.  

9.  My mum always taught me to feel comfortable in the clothes your wearing & then the confidence will come through.


10.  January & July are my favourite time of year when a lot the big designer sales are on. I always buy classic pieces & never on trend.